STEALTHbits Overview

STEALTHbitsTechnologies is a cybersecurity software company focused on protecting an organization’s credentials and data. By removing inappropriate data access, enforcing security policy, and detecting advanced threats, we reduce security risk, ful-fill compliance requirements and decrease operations expense.

STEALTHbits secures your credentials and data through Data Access Governance, Change & Access Monitoring, Threat Detection and Active Directory Security.

StealthAUDIT is a management platform designed to automate data collection, analysis, remediation, governance, and reporting tasks associated with the management and security of credentials and data. Its speed, lightweight footprint, and agent-less, open architecture enable organizations to discover and remediate security risks at scale, while simultaneously creating operational efficiencies through interoperability.
Top Use Cases 
Data Access GovernanceActive Directory Cleanup & Governance
Open Access RemediationPrivileged Account Discovery
Sensitive Data Discovery & ClassificationSecurity Configuration Assessment
File Activity MonitoringCompliance Reporting Automation
StealthINTERCEPT enables organizations to monitor the usage of credentials and data, as well as enforce security policy in real-time.  Through visibility into every change and access activity across unstructured data repositories and critical applications, StealthINTERCEPT detects and analyzes suspicious behaviours, proactively prevents changes and access, alerts, and integrates directly with the market’s leading SIEM platforms, all without any reliance on native logging.
Top Use Cases 
Authentication-Based AttacksSuspicious Activity and Access
Ransomware Detection and BlockingModifications to Sensitive Data
Critical AD Change Detection and BlockingNon-Owner Mailbox Access Events and Permission Changes
Inappropriate Account Usage
StealthDEFEND is a purpose-built User Behavior Analytics (UBA) platform designed to calculate risk associated with credential usage and alert on suspicious behaviors indicative of account compromise.  Using advanced Machine Learning algorithms, Big Data componentry, and contextual awareness of accounts, privileges, and data sensitivity, StealthDEFEND detects behavioral shifts, anomalies and patterns associated with credential theft through streamlined, enriched Active Directory authentication monitoring.
Top Use Cases
Behavioral Shift
Authentication-Based Attacks
StealthRECOVER allows administrators to quickly, easily, and safely rollback and recover malicious or unintended changes to Active Directory objects and attributes. Eliminating error-prone steps and saving crucial time in the rollback and recovery process, StealthRECOVER reduces the risks and costs associated with Active Directory attacks and outage.
Top Use Cases
Deleted Item Recovery
Object and Attribute Change
Point-in-time Restoration of AD Domains

STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor is a simple to install, easy to use, utility designed to monitor file activity across Windows File Servers and NAS devices (NetApp, EMC, Hitachi).  Without any reliance on native logging, STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor stores file activity data that can be queried directly through its interface or optionally feeds file activity data in real time to SIEM solutions for enhanced analysis and alerting.

It provides insight into :

Data Ownership : Who owns the data? Who is accessing data I own?

Stale credentials and data : Who isn’t leveraging their access privileges? Which shares/folders/files are no longer being accessed?

Threat Detection : Whose file activity is abnormal/ anomalous? Where is there suspicious activity indicative of threats like ransomware?

Data Access : Who accessed/deleted a particular share/folder/file, including those stored on Windows or NAS devices? Who is accessing data inappropriately? Who is trying to access data to which they don’t have permission? Who is accessing sensitive data or data subject to compliance? Who is accessing data or making changes outside of change control windows?

Top Use Cases
Ransomware Detection (Through SIEM)
Deleted or Misplaced Files
Permission Changes
End-User Investigations

Competitive Advantage

1.    Integrations and Interoperability



80% of all data in an organization is unstructured. IAM programs are incomplete without the inclusion of this data and STEALTHbits offers the only solution capable of extending IAM into unstructured data.



SIEM tools detected less than 1% of breaches, leaving a gap of 99%. Given that most attacks are centred around credentials and data, STEALTHbits can reduce the SIEM blind spot.



It is estimated that more than 50% of Privileged Identities are unknown. STEALTHbits has unique privileged account discovery capabilities to make your PIM program more comprehensive.


2.    Plan For Success

Understand what you have, where is it, and what is putting you at risk.Alert on the most important activities, events and behaviours.Fix the problems you find to reduce risk and achieve compliance. Connect and enrich disparate systems and applications for enhanced ROI.Automate manual process to save time and improve efficiency.
Open Access
Sensitive Data
Privileged Accounts and Access Security
Suspicious Behaviour
Authentication based attacks
Privilege Escalation
Stale Data clean-up
Stale Object clean-up
Open Access
Over-provisioned Access
Entitlement Reviews
Self-Service Access
Requests Data
Classification and Tagging

3.   Reduce Security Risk

STEALTHbits enables organisations to reduce and manage data access, monitor and enforce security policy, and detect threats that pose risk to their most critical assets.

4.   Full Compliance Requirements

STEALTHbits reduces the time, effort and cost associated with producing compliance artifacts and fulfilling requirements across dozens of standards worldwide.

5.   Decrease Operations Expense

STEALTHbits’ ability to automate countless manual, time-consuming tasks enables organisationsto reduce operating costs and boos efficiency.

Credential And Data Security Assessment (CDSA)

Full assessment and calculation of risk across three of the most critical and often misunderstood areas: Network File Shares(NFS), Active Directory (AD) and Windows Infrastructure
With 50+ security checks in total, the CDSA identifies critical security misconfigurations and conditions across an organization’s Network File Share, Active Directory, and Windows infrastructure.
With no agents to deploy and the ability to run from an existing system located anywhere in your environment, you’ll get all the data you need without making changes to your infrastructure or incurring additional costs.
A detailed Executive Summary highlights where attention is needed most and why allowing any audience to fully understand the nature of the risks identified and why they’re important to remediate.

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