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HPC @ Manufacturing

Computer-Aided Engineering With High-Performance Computing Capabilities
Designing For Excellence

HPC has become an essential addition to any manufacturing organisation’s arsenal of IT tools in the last decade. When maximising value and profit is a top priority, manufacturers can leverage HPC capabilities to optimise processes, predict potential flaws and accelerate time-to-adoption.

Accelerate prototype to production, with higher success rates and more efficient processes, when you bring

high-performance computing (HPC) to your computer-aided engineering (CAE) processes.

These benefits are the most applicable to your CAE processes. Your business can design products while forecasting any potential issues to reduce risks/costs and plan the route for efficient production. 

It’s time to unlock your CAE potential with On Demand Systems and HPE. We offer niche HPC and CAE services adapted to your industries and environments. 


How our customers found success with our services

Integration of CAE with AI has given rise to new data-driven use

HPC applications generally attempt to model real-world processes or physical systems.

In the real world, the processor system is often too slow, too fast, too big, too small, or too expensive to observe or prototype empirically. So CAE on HPC exposes these heretofore inaccessible worlds to the engineer.

On Demand Systems delivered a ‘scalable HPC cluster,’ offering an affordable CAE solution that reduces TCO and maximises value from CAE software licenses.
Bringing high computing accuracy to Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Electronics manufacturers rely heavily on EDA to create more reliable devices in a faster, cheaper way. For chip designers, verifying functionality in devices can become a massive challenge. They must run extensive computer simulations to ensure designs work well before production. By identifying potential problems early in the product lifestyle, manufacturers spend less in the future to fix these issues.

On Demand Systems introduced a productive HPC EDA workflow that led to products that are more cost-efficient to design and manufacture. Products also performed better, and production exhibited better yield, quality, and reliability.
Integrating CAE with Analytics and AI

Manufacturers wanted to leverage their HPC CAE investments throughout their value chain to improve their design/development and production/service operations.

Using AI, On Demand Systems created novel solutions for predictive maintenance, failure/defect analysis, visual inspection/validation and pricing/service optimisation. The existing HPC cluster can deploy Big Data And Data Science stacks to leverage existing investments. The clusters could also be extended by adding GPU nodes to leverage ML/DL frameworks.

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