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Green Rocket Security

GreenRADIUS – A versatile and flexible MFA solution

GreenRADIUS is a multi-factor authentication server that can integrate with a variety of applications and services to enforce MFA, such as Windows Logon, VPN, Linux SSH, ADFS, network equipment, and anything else that supports RADIUS, LDAP, SAML, or our user authentication Web API.

GreenRADIUS integrates with your existing LDAP (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, 389 DS, and FreeIPA) to import users in a read-only mode.

GreenRADIUS supports a variety of tokens, such as the YubiKey (OTP, OATH, and FIDO), Google Authenticator (or many other Authenticator apps, such as Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, and FreeOTP), and our own “Green Rocket 2FA” mobile app which uses push notifications.

A secure, dependable, and affordable MFA solution

Easy to use for both users and administrators

Two-Factor Authentication is essential in today’s security landscape, but implementing, maintaining, and using it should not be a hassle for IT staff and end users.

GreenRADIUS is designed to provide a frictionless experience from the end user to the back end, allowing you to deploy 2FA in a way that adds security without causing angst among your staff. This 2FA solution practically eliminates end user training and support overhead.

GreenRADIUS Premium Modules

In addition to the standard capabilities of the base GreenRADIUS server, Green Rocket Security offers premium features which can be added for enhanced functionality.

2FA for Windows Logon

GreenRADIUS 2FA for Windows logon is a popular solution among our customers. Not only is our Windows solution simple to deploy, but can also secure a wide variety of Windows deployments, such as domain-joined or not, Active Directory or local user accounts, and online or offline logins. Our solution also supports YubiKeys, other FIDO U2F tokens, Google Authenticator, and our own mobile apps.

2FA for ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services)

GreenRADIUS 2FA for ADFS enables customers to enforce two-factor authentication for any application or resource integrated with Microsoft’s ADFS. Such applications can be internal websites and resouces or external ones such as Google G-Suite, Office 365, Slack, Concur, and any other site that supports SAML 2.0. YubiKeys, Google Authenticator, and our Green Rocket 2FA mobile app can be used as tokens. are going to use a passage of Lorem Ipsum, you need to be sure there isn’t anything embarrassing hidden in the middle of text.

FIDO U2F Module

The GreenRADIUS premium FIDO U2F Module enables use of FIDO U2F Tokens/Smartphone Apps in addition to YubiKeys. A user may have both a YubiKey and a U2F token active at the same time and the user can choose which to use for authentication. As a two-way authentication protocol, FIDO U2F isn’t supported natively on many legacy devices such as VPN gateways. With GreenRADIUS you can add support using FIDO U2F tokens to take advantage of the latest technology across your network. with a handful of model sentence structures, to generate Lorem Ipsum which looks reasonable. The generated Lorem Ipsum is therefore always free from repetition, injected humour, or non-characteristic words etc.

OATH Module

The GreenRADIUS premium OATH Module enables use of OATH ready Tokens/Smartphone Apps (such as Google Authenticator) in addition to YubiKeys. A user may have both a YubiKey and Google Authenticator active at the same time, and the user can choose which to use for authentication. Some firewalls/VPN devices with artificial password length limitations (such as WatchGuard) currently do not support YubiKeys in standard mode due to password length limitations. By programming the YubiKeys to use OATH mode or adding additional OATH tokens/apps, these users and organzations can be protected with strong 2FA via GreenRADIUS.

Mobile App

The Green Rocket 2FA mobile app is available for Android and iPhone. Users receive a push notification upon a login and simply tap Approve on our app to complete the login. Our mobile app will work for all integrations with GreenRADIUS, including VPN, Windows logon, Linux servers, and websites.

PIN Module

The GreenRADIUS premium PIN Module enables organizations to use a PIN instead of a LDAP password as the first factor.  The PIN is stored and managed in the GreenRADIUS server.  This is useful for those organizations or customers that do not want to use LDAP passwords for RADIUS integrations, but still want to have a PIN for the first factor.