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HPC & AI/ML Infrastructure Services

We provide Linux-based High Performance Clusters for organisations involved in all types of research, including biotechnology, chemical modeling, weather forecasting, oil and gas exploration, and visual effects.

The performance of commodity computers and network hardware continually improves as new technology is introduced and implemented. At the same time, market conditions have led to decreases in the price of these components. As a result, it is now practical to build parallel computational systems based on low-cost, high-density servers and provide great cost and performance advantage over SMP based HPC.

Our High-Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions are designed for data and compute-intensive applications.

We do provide custom hardware solutions based GPUs. If you need some custom hardware solution for your HPC or AI/ML needs, do reach out to us. We focus on the following HPC cluster that powered the core business of many of our customers.

High Performance Computing

ODS provides a full range of HPC infrastructure services from planning to maintenance. We work with partners to fulfill customers’ needs. We specialise in providing application specific HPC cluster solutions: compute cluster, or storage cluster, or visualisation cluster

AI/ML Infrastructure

ODS build and maintains AI/ ML infrastructure so that Data scientists never have to worry about infrastructure again. We have experience in building GPU clusters, Kubernetes clusters.

Data Science Infrastructure

ODS provides full range of services to build data science cluster using customer preferred tools. We have lots of experience building Hadoop and Apache Spark Clusters.

Deployment and Support Services

Implementation Services

You can also leverage an expert team of service professionals with decades of experience in navigating complex implementations and conversion processes. You can feel confident that your implementation is seamless and provides the best possible value for your investment.


We can help launch your new technology and solutions with minimal disruption across multiple sites on time and within budget.

Support Services

We provide post implementation support service.
- Onsite support services
- Remote support services

Integration Services

Adopting new solutions doesn’t have to mean abandoning your current software and systems. You can make more out of your legacy solutions with our Integration Services.

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